Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday August 19th

Our time in Liepaja is quickly drawing to a close. Today is our last full day here. Tomorrow we have our 2nd Orphan Court hearing at 10:00am (3:00am EST) and will then leave for Riga where we have an appointment with the US Embassy at 2:00. I believe we have a follow up on Friday at the Embassy and then will enjoy the weekend in Riga. We head back to America at 8:20am (1:20am EST) on Monday and will arrive back in Atlanta about 3:40pm EST.

Yesterday the clouds finally broke and the sun came out. Once the water subsided from our front door we left the building in search of some lunch and then to the park. Cindy and I had some potato pancakes…but they did not have any “green sauce” yesterday. I must admit they were not the best potato cakes I have had while here in Liepaja. After enduring all we could of what was on our plate, we headed to the park in search of some of Aleks’ friends and their new family from Texas. After searching the entire park without a sighting of the Nelson family…we decided (with Aleks’ prompting) to head over to their apartment to see if we could find them there. Sure enough…they were there and we had just missed them at the park. Todd and Paula Nelson are here on their first trip to adopt three children from the same orphanage as Aleks. The two boys, Kristaps and Aleksanders have been in the same group as Aleks are are two of his good friends. After reuniting at the apartment for a little bit, we decided we needed to take the boys to the park again…if you know what I mean. Three young boys in the apartment with a never ending supply of energy might get us all kicked out of Liepaja. We spent the next 3-4 hours at the park and walking around at which point the boys were sufficiently tired enough that we could head to the apartment. It was a great time and the boys enjoyed themselves as did we adults. It was great to share our stories and see how God has moved in each of our lives.

Today it is only in the upper 50’s with about a 30-40mph wind. Sun is shinning but it is cool….I think we will meet up with the Nelson’s again and head to the park again.

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Jim Mroczko said...

You all have been in my prayers. Thank you for your journal through this incredible journey. I look forward to getting together when you return.