Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you Trust Me?…(part 2)

the road west

It has taken over two weeks to work through getting this post completed. It has been difficult with many distractions leveraging for my time and attention. The journey has made little sense to me, maybe because I am in the midst of the trail. Walk by faith..okay, but I would really like to know where the trail is going on this journey. But I guess that’s not faith. A little over seven years ago I began what I thought at the time was the most difficult journey in faith…but through it I could describe it as “peace wrapped with anxiety”. The journey has had some really good times and some really tough times. The past few months have been difficult in a new way that I have never experienced. But through the past few months there is one verse that has stuck with me even though I have tried hard to walk away from it and ignore it…but I can’t.

  • Genesis 12:1 NIV

    The lord had said to Abram, "Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you.

    Have you ever really thought about this verse and the whole conversation that God was having with Abraham? I mean really…if this was me…I don’t believe I would have heard anything else God said from this point on. I know that I would have gotten stuck right there. My mind would be racing trying to analyze all of the possibilities and ramifications of this last statement…I mean, did I just misunderstand what He just said? Did God really just tell me to leave EVERYTHING…AND go to a place that…What, Wait…a place that He is not even going to tell me where it is just yet! Leave everything I know and go to the unknown? Ugh! Is this faith or stupidity? I mean, I know that it’s faith but from all human logic…this isn’t wise.

    It’s one thing to risk it all when your just risking yourself, but God didn’t say that to Abraham (Abram at this point still). God said to take his family too! Not just his immediate family but all of his family. The risk was not just one life but the lives of many many people.

    I understand this. Probably better than I would have chosen, but the choice is not mine. My choice is to follow or not to follow, to obey or disobey. God’s choice is whatever He wants…

    The journey of our family has lead us to Amarillo, Texas. Leaving everything we have known and loved for the past 20+ years and going to a place which appears to be a polar opposite…EXCEPT that God is there too and is doing really cool stuff through His people there who love Him. For those who are close enough to know us and know our journey of the past few years, you know that there is no place we would rather be than to be where God wants us to be serving others.


    Please continue to pray for us through this transition. It doesn’t appear to be easy but this is where we are supposed to be and this is where we are committed to be. We are excited to be a part of what God is doing through the people and ministry of Hillside Christian Church.

    When God asked…do you trust Me? I said yes and our family said yes. When He asks you…what will you say?

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