Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ammunition of the Enemy

As we journey through life we come to points of decision. Sometimes these are daily. For some it may be multiple times a day, but for all of us we come to a point where we must make a decision...right or wrong, left or right, up or down. At that point of decision a stake is driven in the ground.

For this post we are going to assume we made the right choice, the wise choice, the choice to follow God instead of the world.

At this point...the assault begins. The Enemy puts the "red dot" on us and begins the offensive. For most of us the most effective offensive is by simply overwhelming us with busyness. Yes, busyness...

What is it that keeps you and me from spending a few quiet moments with God

What is it that keeps you and me from spending that time we know we should spend with our

What is it that keeps you and me from spending quality time with our spouse building strong lines of

How many times do we say, "sure...just let me finish ___________". Maybe our response is "not right now but maybe next week"? I am as guilty of this as anyone and maybe more. Satan knows that by simply entangling me in business, I cannot accomplish or fulfill the truly important commitments I have made before God. Once I find myself ensnared in business I feel like the fly caught it the spiders web. The harder I fight to get free the more I am restrained and enslaved in business. But how do I get free? I have to on purpose STOP! I need to just stop and pray. I need to just stop, pray and relax. Once I do this God can take back over and free me. It amazes me how He can multiply my time and I begin to accomplish a whole lot more. I feel good about what's accomplished and I am once again making a positive difference.

For me, the ammunition of the Enemy which has the most stopping power is business. What stops you in your tracks?

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