Saturday, July 26, 2008

Asking the Tough Questions...

Just what are the tough questions? My initial response is, those questions which you don't want to answer but need to be asked.

We as Christians or we as "friends" don't ask the tough questions much any more. Its the tough questions which hold us accountable, but in today's society of relative truth and flexible morals or we have the right to ask those questions? ABSOLUTELY! Its those people, who will ask the tough questions, that really care about you and me. Sure, some who would ask pointed questions are doing it for their own selfish motives, but they are not asking the really tough questions. The ones that truly matter in life.

Too often today we find ourselves going to someone and paying them to ask us the tough questions, because nobody else is. We have a responsibility to ask tough questions of those close to us, those that we call our close friends and family. Sure, Jesus asked the tough questions of His friends...and others. "Who do you say that I am?" Gulp...I know the textbook answer, I know what you want me to say...but you know reality! Asking tough questions requires an abandoned trust and confidence in another person. Do they have my best interest in mind. Do I have their best interest in mind. For us to answer these requires that we trust them.

  • How are you and your spouse really doing?
  • How is your thought life?
  • Who have you found yourself thinking about lately in a way that's not healthy?
  • How are you managing your/your family's finances?
  • When was the last time you had a quiet time with God?
  • Are you still staying clean from that temptation which can consume you...when was the last time you slipped?
  • What would your kids say their relationship is like with you?

Tough questions spur us on. They keep us on track and focused on the things that really matter in life...our true character.

Who have you given permission to ask you the tough questions?

Who has given you their permission to ask them the tough questions?

If you can't answer either of those questions, its time to go find someone. Someone who can encourage you and spur you onto better things.

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