Thursday, July 24, 2008

Authenticity...keeping it real

What is authenticity. According to it is the quality of being authentic or genuine.

If we as true Christians would only live our life with authenticity, everyday, how different would this world be? If we lived out lives that were genuine and showed the freedom and love we have in Christ. Wow...people would look at us, not for us, but for the God who made us and loves us. Sure, we live different lives with different people and in different places, but why? Okay, yes, we are told not to offend...but we don't compromise who we are and our faith to prevent offending another. And, yes again, there is a time when our life should offend others. Jesus was called a stumbling stone because he caused some, who were confident of the path they were taking, to stumble and re-evaluate that path. We should never look down at another person for who they are or the life they have become entrapped in, for we, if we are honest, have been there too in one form or another.

My point, and the challenge to myself, is to live a life that is authentic. One that reflects an authentic relationship with Jesus...every day. A life that causes others to stop and question what is different. A life that is consistent each day. Not a hypocritical life...because we all make mistakes. We all have struggles. We all have relationships which challenge us and push us to what we think is our limit. But through all of this garbage of life...we still live with a hope that is eternal. A personal relationship with THE God who knows us and loves us intimately...that is real...that is authenticity. That is the freedom we are given which allows us and calls us to pursue the passions planted deep within us.

Think about it...are you, am I, living loud the authenticity and passion we are called to live?

I guess it's time to start encouraging one another to turn up the volume!

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