Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did Adam Sin First?

Ok...I got your attention, but hear me out. I have been contemplating a thought over the last few weeks and am going to try to flesh it out for you.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were blessed and given the responsibility to to look over everything. Was part of that was also to protect the two trees from which God said not to eat from? Adam was the one who had been given that charge to not eat from the two trees, directly from God, because at the time, God had not created Eve according to Genesis 2. There were a few choices associated with that responsibility; move far away from the trees and stay far away from the trees, build a wall of protection around the trees to keep from getting close to it and thus protecting all of humanity, or just continue on with life...and become used to it until it is just another part of their life which they don't even think about. (After the fall of man we see that God chose to protect the trees with his own warrior who was armed with a flaming sword to keep humanity from falling further and eating of the Tree of Life)

Beyond that we know what happened shortly the next chapter, the Tempter came and tempted Eve. He deceived her with half truths...but where was Adam? RIGHT NEXT TO HER! Now, as Satan so subtly swayed Eve's thinking by twisting the truth ever so slightly, what did Adam do...NOTHING! He stood there like a paralyzed idiot. I don't know what had him so enraptured that he couldn't think, speak or act...but here is where he failed. He stood there and did nothing. Like way to many of us today, he just stood there at Eve's side watching and waiting to see what would happen...but what was he created to do? He was created in the image of God...a Warrior who can not be in the presence of sin, yet Adam did nothing when sin came into his presence. Sin came to steal Adam's completer, his helpmate...God's crowning creation. Adam failed to do what God created him to do...and so Eve fell. She then turned to Adam and gave him to eat of the forbidden fruit as well...but had Adam already fallen? Had Adam already sinned by not obeying and living out what God had created him to do? Had Adam already sinned because he had not passed on to Eve exactly what God said about the Tree of Good and Evil? Eve's response to the serpent tells us that Adam had at least communicated the instructions to her, but he failed to protect her.

Just another random rambling thought...

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