Monday, March 23, 2009

A Message from New Horizons for Children

The following is a message from New Horizons for Children. Is hosting a child something that you would consider….

Dear Friends and Families:

We ask now that you please begin to pray earnestly for each of the children yet to be hosted. In the photo listing, you will see several children from Ukraine, Latvia and Russia who we desire to find host families for them, so they can come to the states this summer on our 5 week Orphan Hosting Program.

If you’ve not heard about New Horizons for Children, please visit our website at to see how a small, non denominational, Christian ministry has grown and helped more than 750 orphans as of this past Christmas’ hosting program! It would not have happened if it weren’t for folks like yourself, who continually pray for these children that God led us to in January and February of this year, to locate and identify as a candidate for the next host program.

Not everyone is called to host. Not everyone has funds to host children, but they feel called. It takes 4 kinds of people to make this program work for the glory of our Lord. You may one of the important tools that God is calling now to help each of these children. Pray about which one you are??? Are you supposed to host a child or children this summer and share the love of Christ with them? Are you supposed to place a scholarship of some amount for a particular child so their hosting family is able to host them? Are you supposed to be a prayer warrior for one or more of these children, and pray without ceasing that their host family finds this program, and is blessed with the funds to follow through? Are you a potential adoptive family who might be interested to host and or meet the children while in the states this summer to find your son or daughter?

New Horizons for Children is NOT an adoption agency and therefore can make absolutely no promises about any particular child regarding adoption or availability. Each child was presented to us during our interviews this past January and February as being eligible for adoption by their orphanages or foster parents. The children are not told of this aspect of our program and adoption is never spoken of to them directly, as we would never desire to offer something we could not deliver. Any resulting adoptions would need to go through accredited adoption agencies and we can counsel you as to which ones have current accreditation and experience in the countries where we serve.

New Horizons for Children, Inc, is a non-profit, non-denominational, Christian ministry, serving orphans from Eastern European orphanages through hosting programs in the USA twice a year. Our ministry targets older school-age orphans who are often looked over in international adoptions. However, we also work with a couple of orphanages that have younger physically handicapped children. While we do list their ages, realize that institutionalized children are typically 1-3 years smaller in size and younger in maturity compared to American counterparts.

If you have questions regarding a particular child(ren) on this list, please call our office at (678) 574-4677 and we will be happy to discuss further details with you.

P.S. We are seeking grant opportunities to apply for assistance for the hosting program. If you know someone who is part of a private foundation or serve on a board of a company that offers grants to non-profit organizations, please contact Le Ann immediately at 678-574-4677 x1.

God bless you on this journey!

Le Ann, Renee, Michelle, John (Northeast), Jane (FL) and Linda (TX) , Joni (CA), Jennifer (NC)

Acworth, GA (678) 574-4677

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