Thursday, March 5, 2009

More info from Latvia…

A couple of other notes of interest…

I have had the opportunity to talk to Alex a couple of times via Skype. Thank you technology! It has been great to talk with him the few times we have been able to chat. Yes, there are long moments of silence, when I am trying to figure out how to communicate to him what I want to say…and if Alex doesn’t understand…he is silent too. Kind of awkward but we both think it is funny. I have called to the orphanage in Latvia a number of times and been able to speak to one of his caretakers, named Santa. (How would you like to be able to say that you live with Santa!)

Santa has been very nice to talk to and helpful in helping Alex and I communicate when we seem to get stuck on a word. She has also helped me to understand the schedule at the orphanage. We have also been able to send messages to each other through an application similar to MySpace. This is also the same tool that I use to send Alex messages and pictures most every day or two.

On Monday of this week I received a message from Santa…she no longer works at the orphanage where Alex is. She has been transferred to another “social institution” as she called it. CRUD! I had just lost one of my connections to Alex. Santa was kind enough to send me the e-mail address for the new caretaker who had replaced her at the orphanage. I sent a message to Ginta…and she responded! Her English is very good and she writes me in English so I don’t have to try and translate her messages. I have tried to call her number several times so far this week but have been unable to get thought. I will keep trying and work to build a relationship with Ginta as well as Alex.

Did I say that we are excited….and looking forward to late June when Alex arrives….

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