Monday, May 4, 2009


This evening I decided to spend some quiet time just sitting on the front porch. It’s in the mid 60’s, the rain has stopped, the sun is beginning to break through the clouds and blue sky is appearing. The rhododendron is in full crimson bloom. The azaleas are hot pink and snow white, The grass and trees are that intense green that only happens after the rain. Birds are singing and the deer are coming through the woods only a few yards from the swing I am sitting in. It’s peaceful, quiet and beautiful.(except for the mosquito's after days of rain)

How a day can change things. Today I received the following e-mail:

Good morning,

The system we use to approve cases, generate approvals, and send the approvals to the Department of State was down all of last week.  It is up and running again today.  I approved your case first thing this morning.  You will receive your notice in the mail shortly.  Have a great day.

With that I have just two things to say….Thank You and stay tuned, more to follow soon!

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