Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random Thoughts

Still no paperwork from Immigration. We hope to receive the approval from the USCIS soon. There are three families heading over to Latvia in the next week and it would be great to send the approval over with one of them. Maybe tomorrow…

Unplugging. That is one of the most uncomfortable and difficult things to do in our modern “busy” age. The harder we run the faster life chases us. We (me) get so caught up in keeping up with everything around us (me again) that we begin to neglect the really important things…our family and our own personal growth. It takes work to keep both in tact and on the calendar. Unplugging from everything and removing the distractions…one of the biggest challenges, yet so worth it!

And wow…have you ever really spent time considering just what Christ did for us? This morning in our student ministry, Dustin Dozier put some clips from The Passion of the Christ, to use as the background for the song Amazing Grace our Chains are Gone. That along with Chris Huff leading worship, was Strong! Kudos's to both. Today was an amazing day and thought the powers of darkness tried to jack things up…The Light had the victory. The study in students called SHIFT is making us all take a step back and shift our perspective. A shift that is well needed.

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