Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today is July 4th…

It’s been over a week since my last post and so much has happened. I miss sitting here in my quiet spot with a cup of coffee and just time to think and pray. It’s nobody’s fault but mine that this seat has been empty. Our home is different, now changed forever. In a way that that only God can do, the love in our house has been multiplied.

Aleks has become so much a part of our family in just a few short days. Its hard to believe that we just met each other face to face for the first time only 10 days ago. Yet these past 10 days have gone by so fast. The way that each family member interacts has changed, and I would say for the better. Aleks looks to both Kristen and Rachel not just for fun and laughter, but for acceptance which he finds each time he looks. The girls love him in a way that has surprised them and a way that they don’t really understand. All three I find are looking out for each other and they love to be together. When one is missing it shows in the other two. Each also has their boundaries which the others respect. Our family routine has quickly morphed to include one more. Our family time together each night before bed is an expectation and Aleks looks forward to that as well.

Yesterday we had to fill out a “progress report” for the hosting program. The gist of one of the questions was how would you describe Aleks’ personality. That  one is pretty easy: he is strong willed with a tender heart. How could you ask for anything better. The opportunity to mold and guide him through life is incredible. He has the strength to stand strong in his beliefs yet has such a tender heart and compassion for others. He is much like the son of some great friends. (Blake meet Aleks…your soul brother) Aleks wants to do what is right, but on his terms. He wants to be the one leading out in what is right, not necessarily being told what is the wise choice. He is quick to share whatever he has with others. His generous heart abounds. Friends, God has placed the makings of a great leader within this young boy. A boy with a warrior heart that seeks adventure and justice but is tempered with compassion and grace. Please continue to pray for him as he comes to know the God who has made his heart and that he has the courage to pursue the passions that God has placed within him.

In short, our journey continues to be great! Aleks, Kristen and Rachel have been incredible. There is still fear of the unknown ahead. The fear of leaving the familiar and trading it all for a new life. Just one month from today we (Aleks, Cindy and I) will be leaving to head back to Latvia for our first court hearing. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We still need about 5k before we leave for Latvia. We have our tickets and a portion of our funds. We still have lodging, food, transportation, translation fees and visas to cover.

Once again, thank you! May God bless you as He has blessed us.


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Cindy said...

Aleks has brought out a different side to all of you. Kind of like a piece of the puzzle has been missing and now each piece (in its perfect place) makes more sense some how. I'm sure that there are many challenges ahead, but what God starts, God perfectly completes! Thanks for sharing him (Aleks) with all of us. We love him too!