Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Direction & Decision

bw trail split

All throughout life we are faced with decisions and those decisions will determine the direction of our future. There are many voices that try to reason with us to tell us what way we should go. There are many who try to influence our decisions and our life. Others seem to know what’s “best” for us…but do they? Who are they listening to so they know what is best for us?


There are times when we just stop and listen and we find that God is telling us to just STOP…PAUSE…WAIT…and rest. This is a bit confusing at first, kind of like pulling up to this intersection pictured below.


Pause…Stop…Wait…But this is so contrary to what our society has taught us. We move at the speed of technology and rarely pause to sleep. What will others think if we just hit pause on our life and unplug for a short time…or even for a few moments? What will happen if people can’t reach me? What will we miss…or what will we miss if we DON’T. These are questions I have struggled with and even said…but truth be known, God has it all under control. What He longs for and what we need more than anything it to just stop and listen for His voice. To seek after Him. To let Him give us rest and refresh our souls. Once we do this we may find that in our refreshment and renewed strength we can see the path so much clearer and think through the decisions in front of us.

Right now I am at one of these crossroads. God has said PAUSE. It’s uncomfortable but through this I have realized just how tired I was and how much I needed the rest. I look forward with great anticipation and expectation as to what God has ahead for both me and my family. Seeking His next assignment is frustrating at times, but those are the times when I put my expectations in myself and not Him. What the future holds is exciting even though currently its not clear. God’s incredible faithfulness and tremendous provision has sustained us for the past two months and I don’t expect Him to stop till he get’s me where He wants me…and my family where He wants us to be.

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