Friday, May 30, 2008

A Place to Remember

I have had the privilege to spend the night at a camp in the mountains of North Carolina. It's the same camp I attended as a teenager 25 years ago. Much has changed...but much has not. But as I have spent time on the property the clearest memory of this place is that this is where I first REALLY connected with God. It was here that I got far enough away from the garbage of life and began to learn about God in a real way. To this day you might say I carry a core ember from the fire that was lit during my time at The Wilds.

Yes, I realize all of the different connotations you might have of this place, but for me, this is where God began to work in my heart and show me that he loves me and wanted to use me for a purpose. It was where I first began to learn that He wants to connect with me on a personal level. Study, quiet time, a type of praise and worship were all modeled for me and gave me a starting point.

It's good to take time out and visit the places of our past where we encountered God. Throughout the Bible you find that God's people created an altar or monument to remember their encounter with God. When we look back at all He has done for us...its exciting to see where He has brought us to. The journey becomes clearer as we visit and remember the times of encounter. It also sets a pattern for us to learn from and strive to build into our lives daily.

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