Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Authentic Reality

Last night I had the opportunity to sit and listen to John Eldredge speak in person. As I listened to him unpack a bit of what his new book, Walking with God, is all about, I was filled with a number of thoughts and emotions. But two words summed everything up…Authentic Reality.

As I sat and listened I realized that this guy, John, is about as authentic as they come. No predispositions. He is just as I thought he would be after reading some of his books and listening to a couple of audio books. Though there were glimpses of “I would like to be like him” they quickly faded and I was left with, I want an authentic relationship with my God. One that I found modeled in John Eldredge’s book and in person. Today I realized these same relationships are also modeled throughout the Bible. It’s a book of examples of the relationship God desires to have with you and me.

We all have struggles. We all have things we fight with on the inside. We all have triggers which can unlock the ugly within us, but we also have a God who knows all of that and still loves us. Our Father, who wants so badly to be in intimate relationship with us if we will only slow down and be honest with Him…and our self. We also need to realize that we have an enemy who is dedicated to discouraging and destroying that relationship. One who will use any and all things he can to jack up that intimacy.
Realizing there is warfare around us and a God whose love can conquer it, this is reality. Living a life free without falsehood or misrepresentation…this is authenticity.

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