Sunday, April 27, 2008

Silence...Broken Communication

I don't know about you but silence can be extremely frustrating to me. Its not really just the silence, but lack of communication. The inability to communicate with others.

Come I the only one who gets totally frustrated when I realize that my Blackberry isn't getting e-mails. That I can't get a wireless connection for my laptop. Its a helpless feeling that quickly leads to frustration when we can't communicate with others...the others that we want to communicate with.
I was out of town this week and didn't have a reliable connection to check e-mail and communicate...when I wanted to. Add to that a three hour time zone difference and communicating with those back home and at the office gets nuts. The disconnect becomes depressing. We would like to think that others lives don't go on without us...but they do. When the role we have in others lives is diminished, its a rough reality to face. But what is at the root of this? Broken communication...the silence.

Is this the same pain and frustration that God feels when I don't communicate with Him?
When I just carry on with my life in silence due to broken communication?
Father, I am sorry, forgive my silence...

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