Monday, April 14, 2008

Things our kids teach us...

It is amazing the things we can learn about God from our kids.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter came and brought me $32 from her piggy bank for her Compassion child which she sponsors.

...Pause, here is the background...She is 12 but has had a huge heart to sponsor a child through Compassion International for about two years. Last year when our church, Stonecreek Church, had a Compassion event she chose a little girl from Kenya that she wanted to sponsor by herself. For nine months now, I have never had to ask her for her money since I pay the bill. Each month she will bring me the money and thank me for sending it. S
he is 12 years old and doesn't have a regular job, yet she saves all that she has so that she can pay to help this little girl have a chance to break the poverty cycle her family is caught in. At 12, she babysits and does whatever she can to earn the money she needs for Faith.

...I know that it took almost everything she had in her piggy bank to give me the $32 this month, yet she did it with joy. This nearly broke my heart because I know it was a sacrifice and she won't be able to do other things she would like. There are things coming for which I know she would like to have the money to spend...yet she put that aside for someone she has never met. Because of her sacrifice, I as her father wanted to give it back to her...and more. Then it came...I could hear God saying, that's how I feel about you when you sacrifice for Me and for others. It's what He was talking about when the widow gave a penny and it was more than all of the others had given. And then, just as I want to give back to my daughter more than she gave...God wants to do that for me too!
He wants to bless us more than we can imagine when we are faithful to follow Him. When we are faithful to care for others who He sends our way. He loves us SO much more than we can imagine and wants good for us. Just as I want nothing more than good and positive things for my much more does our Father want that for us?

More parent friendly lessons from kids in the future...

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