Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fact or Fiction

So, is spiritual warfare fact or some mythical fiction story to make us think?
No's real! This is something I have always known deep down inside but the reality is becoming more real every day. Quick story from today...
My family and I were visiting some ethnic markets from different parts of the world. We walked into one which had all kinds of idol images of gods from different religions. The craftsmanship was great but it just had a cold presence to it and I wanted to get out. I made a comment to my girls, kinda half hearted joking and half dead serious, that we needed to leave before we had a buddha stick to us. We left the store. Five minutes later we are standing in line to eat and our girls were like two I have never seen before. Respect for one another as well as others was not even a consideration to either. Bickering and a foul spirit had taken over. Where did this attitude (spirit) come from?
What I didn't realize is that my wife, who is quite quick with discernment, picked up on this spirit and quickly prayed for God to bind it and get it away from our family. Once at the dinner table, I prayed basically the same prayer as my wife. She turned to me and said that she too had prayed just minutes before. Like minded prayers...
The summary of the story is that without the girls fully understanding what had just happened, they were quickly back to their normal selves. Call it coincidence if you like...I know better.
Spiritual warfare...a fact of life we cannot ignore.

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